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Start today! Here are some delicious recipes for you to try. For more ideas, pick up one of our books.

Restricted days

The 2-Day Diet has been specially designed to reduce your appetite so that you are less likely to feel hungry; meet all your nutritional requirements, so that you won’t need to take supplements and ensure that you lose as much fat as possible and preserve as much calorie-burning muscle as you can. If you are vegetarian, The 2-Day Diet will also work for you, since vegetarian choices of protein foods are just as, and possibly more, filling than meat.

Here are a few delicious recipe ideas for you to try on your restricted days. For over 100 more recipe ideas pick up your copy of The 2-Day Diet book today.

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Lizzie, 24

Dieting on the two days was much easier than I had expected. I also found that I was much more mindful of my eating over the five non-restricted days – I didn’t want to undo all that good work!

Unrestricted days

Your diet for the remaining days (the five unrestricted days) on The 2-Day Diet should be based on eating a healthy Mediterranean-style diet. This includes food that is as whole and unprocessed as possible, with lots of fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, beans, pulses, nuts and olive oil as well as fish, poultry, low-fat dairy foods and it can include small amounts of lean, red meat – but not lots of pasta, pizza and red wine!

Here are some recipe ideas to try on your unrestricted days – give them ago and let us know what you think. For over 100 more recipe ideas pick up your copy of The 2-Day Diet Cookbook today.

The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

In this new beautifully illustrated cookbook, you’ll find 65 delicious, healthy recipes for every day of the week, with ideas for both restricted and unrestricted days. On The 2-Day Diet, there’s no need to skip meals; instead, you can enjoy filling, tasty food all day long – from breakfast through to dinner. With nutritionally balanced, easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes like these, along with tips, meal plans and a quick-reference guide to what to eat, The 2-Day Diet Cookbook shows you how to love food, lose weight and keep it off forever.

Snack ideas

You should not feel any hungrier on your two restricted days of The 2-Day Diet than you do normally. On the two restricted days of The 2-Day Diet make sure that you have enough protein foods, nuts and dairy foods and vegetables, which are particularly good at filling you up.

If you do feel hungry the first few times you try the Diet, stick with it, it gets easier. You can also try these snack ideas, see The 2-Day Diet book for the correct portion sizes.

• Olives

• Handful of nuts (not chestnuts)

• Fruit from the allowed list

• Vegetable crudités, such as celery, cucumber, green peppers, mange tout, spring onion

and cherry tomatoes, with salsa, low-fat hummus, tuna pâte, tsatsiki or guacamole

• Plain or diet yoghurt

• Bowl of soup

• Salad or cooked vegetables with cottage cheese, low-fat cream cheese or low fat hummus

• Half a pot of cottage cheese

• Smoothie made with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk yoghurt and one piece of fruit

• Half a tin of sardines or pilchards

• Salty drink

• Sautéed tofu or chicken strips lightly fried in spices

Chris, 63

The diet is easy as long as you are organised. I haven't felt the need for chocolate, crisps etc. This is dieting without feeling hungry and losing weight without feeling deprived.

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