Why The 2-Day Diet approach works

One of the things about the 2-Day Diet that people have told us they love, and that makes it work for them, is the structure the diet gives to their eating.  Our diet doesn’t have many rules beyond the carb restrictions on the 2 diet days and the Mediterranean style eating for the rest, but we’ve found from our research, and from lots of dieters, that being able to follow these few simple rules, knowing you’re eating healthily and getting the health benefits, actually makes losing weight easier!

Of course it would be great if you could just fast and feast – slash your calories a few days a week, eat as much as you like of whatever you fancy the rest of the time and still stay healthy and lose weight. After all, who doesn’t want a quick fix when it comes to weight loss. Sadly, as any dietician or weight loss expert will tell you, it doesn’t work like that. Even if you cut your calories to the bare minimum when you’re dieting, but overeat the rest of the time you won’t lose the weight you’re aiming for. And research shows that you’ll lose some of the important health benefits that come with calorie restriction – especially if you’re not eating healthily on your ‘free’ days.  While spells of lower calorie intake may help get cells into better shape, exposing them to excess calories and an unhealthy diet on the other days poses a real challenge for our health.  That’s why the 2-Day diet is scientifically based – it’s structured to make sure you lose weight, but nutritionally balanced so that you don’t have to top up with supplements. There’s 40 years of evidence that a combination of high protein, low fat and fruit and vegetables is the way to lose weight long term and that Mediterranean eating can help fend off heart disease, cancer and a host of other nasties –  and all that research cant be wrong!

The 2-Day Diet ticks both these boxes combining healthy eating with 2 days of restriction to boost your health and help you get to your ideal weight.

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