The 2-Day Diet Cookbook

We all know that losing weight can be hard – cutting calories and restricting what you eat every day is difficult to keep going, especially when life is so busy. Even if you do lose the weight it’s often hard to stop it all piling back on when you stop dieting.

We’ve spent years working with people who’ve really struggled with their weight and that’s why we developed the 2-Day Diet. It’s a completely new way to lose weight that’s easy to do, nutritionally balanced, and, most important, it’s been scientifically tested and proven to work. It’s designed to target body fat and will cut your risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  To reach your perfect weight you follow a low carb, low calorie diet for just two days a week and eat a normal Mediterranean style diet for the other five.

Sarah, 39, had tried so many diets that she’d almost given up hope by the time she started Tthe 2-Day Diet, but she lost a stone in the first month and another three over the next three months. She said “It’s the easiest diet I’ve ever done – I made the same two days each week my diet days and to my surprise I didn’t want to overeat on the other days.”  Matt, 41, who lost 5lb in the first 10 days found the same and says it was easy because “I never had that ‘I’m on a diet’ feeling”. 51 year old Jane who has battled with her weight – and tried countless diets - for years, lost three stone on the diet and two and half years later, hasn’t put it back on.

We’ve tested the 2-Day Diet on lots of dieters and they say that as well as being easy to do, it changed their eating habits, so they didn’t regain the weight.  Having simple rules about what to eat helped them learn about different foods and how to eat healthily -  in fact lots of them said that they had started to really enjoy their food for the first time in years, instead of constantly feeling hungry and worrying about gaining weight.

There are loads of foods to choose from on the diet and you won’t have to count calories  – The 2 Day Diet book works it all out for you. There are 100 recipes and tips for breakfasts , lunch and healthy snacks for diet and non diet days and we’ve received so many requests for more recipes that we’ve now produced the perfect companion to the diet - a new fully illustrated The 2-Day Diet Cookbook which is packed with delicious recipes for diet and non-diet days.

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